Bun in the Sun

For my second pregnancy, we opted to have one big family party to celebrate the upcoming arrival of baby no. 2. With a small toddler running around keeping me busy, I opted to have our invitations made, instead of making them myself. When I found this design by Storkie.com, perfectly dubbed "Bun in the Sun," I knew I had made the right decision. How cute is that?!
For the party decor, I chose a hot pink and orange color motif, while also incorporating the summer "Bun in the Sun" notion. The party was mostly outdoors, so four round tables were set-up covered in hot pink or orange tablecloths.

Centerpieces: tissue paper pom-poms and paper flip-flops
Fringe banners hung above while inflated pink and orange beach balls were scattered all over the back yard.
Hot pink photo backdrop with flip-flops made from cardstock and an offering of different plastic colored sunglasses to choose from 
Inside the house, the decorations continued...
I absolutely loved how the bathing suit banner above the fireplace turned out. You can't really tell from this photo, but I added crepe paper to give the bathing suits ruffle bottoms!

The dessert table was kept inside because of the heat and decorated with circle streamers hanging from above.
(left) Homemade mini donuts dipped in pink and orange glaze 
Party favors: You're the flip to my flop homemade rice kripsy "cupcakes" complete with drink umbrella and mock label "Sadie's Sweet Shoppe"
Cake from Cakery Bakery, gussied up with fondant in our party colors

Invite - Storkie.com
Cake - Cakery Bakery

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