The seaweed is always greener

Flip your fins this way where the seaweed is always greener to our Little Mermaid's second birthday party!

To say our daughter, Sadie, is obsessed with The Little Mermaid would be a huge understatement. She LOVES Ariel and all things Little Mermaid! I suppose I'm the one to blame for her inclination towards all things Ariel; afterall, The Little Mermaid was (and still is) my favorite Disney movie of all time. So of course, when sweet Sadie requested an "Ariel party" for her birthday (all on her own by the way...), I was more than willing to oblige and already had so many DIY ideas swirling in my head to make it come to life!
When planning for the party first started, I knew I didn't want to go with the traditional colors associated with Ariel for the party. I wanted to venture out and use a more youthful, fun color palette that also reflected the personality of our birthday girl. The party colors and components quickly came together as soon as I finished the digital invitation and the rest of the details took off from there! Almost everything was DIY--the way I like all my parties to be (because I'm that kind of crazy); it adds a unique, magical touch and personalization that just can't be bought. The end result was more than even I could have hoped for and seeing Sadie's reaction to it all made all the hard work worthwhile!

The Invitation
DIY | Designed by yours truly using a free Ariel clipart found online and our own photo taken during a recent trip to the beach.

The Outfit
DIY | I wanted a special outfit for her to wear, but couldn't bear to spend the amount on the price tags of so many Little Mermaid outfits/costumes being sold. Not to mention, her comfort was a concern and some of those costumes looked downright itchy and uncomfortable. Solution: make it myself. A little tulle, felt, and glitter fabric paint put together and voilà! A party-perfect Little Mermaid outfit.

The Front Door
DIY | Guests were greeted by this wreath, created with streamers, character clipart, and a foam wreath when they first arrived. The party was indoor/outdoor, so I wanted them to feel comfortable letting themselves in, in case everyone was outside enjoying the festivities.

The Dessert Table Components

DIY | The backdrop was created with streamers; the Happy Birthday banner was made with kraft paper and regular cardstock. The large Ariel image was from a store bought wall decal adhered to poster board, cut to size, and suspended from the ceiling. A string of clear balloons floating from floor to ceiling anchored both sides of the table (as seen in first blog photo above). 
DIY | Movie inspired touches - left: unfinished treasure chest painted and filled with gold coins, beads, and other costume jewelry; middle: clear wine bottle filled with sand and wine stopper candelabra complete with utensils placed on top; right: red felt Sebastian (template from Disney Family) peeking through wine glass.
DIY | SADIE letters purchased from craft store and decorated according to party theme with regular cardstock.
Dessert offerings made from scratch:
| Red velvet cupcakes (regular and mini sizes) with cream cheese frosting |
| Vanilla cupcakes (regular and mini sizes) with vanilla buttercream frosting |
| Old fashioned chocolate cake pops |
| 2-layer vanilla birthday cake with vanilla buttercream frosting |  
Other desserts (purchased)
| Green sour belts |
| Madeleines |
| plastic shot glasses filled with Jelly Belly Disney Princess jelly beans |
DIY | Party favors were goody bags filled with tropical Skittles which completely coordinated with the party's color palette. The addition of the mini forks literally made me squeal with joy at how cute they turned out.

Other Personal Party Touches
DIY | Chalkboard art - left: Food station chalkboard; right: drink station chalkboard.

DIY | Seaweed and various sea life added to bare walls. It's all about the ambiance!

DIY | A colorful banner to adorn the area above the gifts; the small lanterns were a fab find from the Dollar Store.

DIY | Photo op board drawn and painted by hand on foam board. No one loves a great photo prop more than me. This was the most time consuming project, and consequently, the one I am most proud of.

DIY | Flair for the buffet area - left: A colored napkin and a wint-o-green flavored lifesaver brought added character to boring white plastic utensils; right: fabulous clipart found online, printed on sticker paper to dress up white coffee cups.

Last, but not least...
DIY | Handmade paper flower hair clips - The ladies in attendance received one just like the one I'm sporting above, so we could all channel our inner Ariels, daydreaming about life on land and the cute Prince playing his flute outside his castle.

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  1. Awesome wow! You are so talented and def creative :D I'm inspired to also do a cutout with foam board for the ariel photo but I'm hesitant since my daughter's birthday is this coming weekend (yikes) I'm wondering would it take a few days or maybe a few hours? And what kind of markers or paint you used? I'm not a crafty person but if I could do this I would feel proud and I know my daughter would LOVE this.

    1. Thank you so much! This project was a labor of love. It was time-consuming because of my OCD/perfectionist tendencies, so I spread it out over a few days (so I wouldn't drive myself crazy), but you could definitely do it all in one day. First, I drew everything out with pencil, painted with acrylic paints, and then went over the lines with a black paint pen once the paint had dried. A black Sharpie would also work. Good luck and happy birthday to your daughter! You can do it, Mama!!!

  2. I love the sea flower hair clip! Do you have a template for this? What kind of paper did you use? Thanks so much for the great ideas!

  3. I love the sea flower! Do you have a template for this? What kind of paper did you use? Thanks so much for the great ideas!

    1. Hi, Kelli,

      Unfortunately, I don't have a template. I just drew one petal the size I wanted and then traced it onto pink cardstock over and over again. Each flower had 3 petals. Once I put the paper flowers together, I did the same thing (trace and cut) on pink sheer wired ribbon to layer it on top of the paper for a 3D effect. All of this was before I invested in a Silhouette, so it took me what felt like forever! I then added a pink gem and then hot glued the whole thing to an alligator hair clip. Hope that helps!

    2. This helps a lot- thank you! We're so excited about our under the sea/Ariel party this weekend. This is on my wish list to do if I get everything else done in time :)


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