Typographic Treats

I love Typography. The design, the layout, the use of negative space, letter sizing and spacing, and the chosen font combinations all work together to convey a particular message and gets me all excited!  Couple that with the obsession I have with fonts and it’s a match made in heaven. I love hoarding collecting fonts on my computer! There must be hundreds of them waiting for their turn to be featured in the spotlight.

So, you’ve seen me do digital invites. You've seen me do chalkboard art. Now, I’m going back to the basics: pen and paper. I grabbed inspiration from here and there and started creating typographic treats. I love using quotes and sayings that speak to me and hopefully, they speak to you too.
IMG 3891
IMG 3892
IMG 3899
IMG 3918
IMG 3917
IMG 3923
Song lyrics also provide great inspiration:
From one of my absolute favorite songs of all time...
IMG 3916
IMG 3924
…especially Taylor Swift’s lyrics…
IMG 3928
IMG 3926
More on the way! In the mean time, throw a little inspiration my way and send in what quote suggestions you’d like to see featured.

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