Glitter Text Tee with Silhouette

This project couldn’t be easier—that is, if you have a machine that will cut for you. Using a Silhouette Cameo, I made these matching tees for my girlfriend and myself to wear to a Maroon 5 concert. I searched everywhere for something like this, hoping someone out there would be selling it.


No one (that I could find) had thought to make these “Sugar” shirts.

Challenge accepted!

Supplies you’ll need:
Silhouette Cameo
Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl
Ratty tee


1) Design your text.
Type text

2) **Very important: Flip your text horizontally before cutting. If you don’t, the text on your shirt will be backwards…and that’s just awkward.
Flip text horizontally

3) Adjust your cut settings. Select your material type and change the speed and thickness. I opted to use #5 blade (instead of the #3 blade recommended by Silhouette), speed of 5, and thickness of 10. Select double cut.
Screen Shot 2015 04 03 at 7 41 02 PM

4) Adjust blade to #5 and load glitter heat transfer vinyl into the machine with the dull side up, shiny side down and send to Silhouette to cut.
IMG 4193

5) Peel away the material around your letters very carefully.
IMG 4196

6) Apply and place text on shirt where you want it.
IMG 4201

7) Once you’re happy with placement, take a ratty old shirt and lay it on top of the text. Use a hot iron to transfer the text onto your shirt.
IMG 4203

8) After several passes of the iron, gently pull up on one corner to remove clear plastic. If it doesn’t come off easily, put the ratty shirt back on top of the text and iron again. You’ll know it’s good to go when the plastic peels off easily.IMG 4204

Ta-da!!!IMG 4205

For kicks, I added text on the backs of our shirts too.
Think of all the possibilities!!!

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