Happy Fall!

It's officially fall which means pumpkin spiced everything!!! I love it. When I first saw Lily & Val's print I had to have it somewhere in my house. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, so I decided to make my own chalkboard rendering, greatly inspired by the original at Lily & Val's.
It makes me happy every time I walk past it! Happy Fall, y'all!!

...Then Comes Baby!

Yay! I'm going to be an Aunt!!! My sister-in-law is pregnant with her first baby and asked if I could make her pregnancy announcement. She wanted something theater themed and had a few different ideas of how she wanted it to look. One of those ideas was to make a program of sorts, describing the different Acts of the play as the different stages of their relationship. I used that as a springboard for the ultimate program:
It's the most recognizable program in the world of theater! Why shouldn't their upcoming addition have a play or musical of his/her own? Congrats, Peterson-Brandt family!!!

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