Superhero Birthday Party

Boom! Bang! Pow!

My son turned 5 over the weekend and I put together a superhero themed party. He sure loves his superheroes right now and it was only logical to go with that--not to mention, he's been hinting (let's be real; more like begging) for this theme for months. With friends and family celebrating with us, the party was most definitely SUPER!

The Invitation 
DIY designed by yours truly!

The Dessert Table
Sweet treat offerings from left to right: mini red cups filled with jelly beans, regular sized cupcakes, mini cupcakes, birthday cake, chocolate covered double stuf Oreos, red vines, mini brownie bites, Avenger fruit snacks, cake pops, Sour Punch Twists, popcorn, strawberry jello, and blueberry jello.

A closer look at the birthday boy's homemade double chocolate cake and DIY cake toppers
Homemade chocolate cupcakes (regular and mini) with DIY custom toppers
Homemade Spiderman's Web cherry cake pops 

A must-have at every he{ART} Lyttle event:  DIY photo backdrop
DIY telephone booth
The guest bathroom door got a makeover. 
Even Superheroes need a place to change, right?

 DIY table centerpieces
DIY Dollar store lanterns with superhero logos
DIY Can Knockdown with Thor hammer and Captain America shield (make your own using a red frisbee, layered cardstock, and modge podge!)
Color coordinated bounce house
I love it when things match perfectly!!!

  Silly string battle
The kiddos absolutely loved this! We bought a boat load of cans and gave each kid their own to spray. It was worth every penny to see their smiling, happy faces. Next time, we'll get one for each adult too! 

Guests were encouraged to come in costume and the group of fun-timers below were the ones who came and conquered!

The kids received little goody bags on their way out. The older kids each got a superhero PEZ dispenser in their choice of Spiderman, Iron Man, The Hulk, or Captain America; the younger kiddos were given YumEarth Organic Gummy Bears and YumEarth Organic Lollipops
The birthday boy had a super fun day. 
Happy 5th Birthday, kiddo!


  1. Hi. How did you make your centerpieces and all the picks for your cake?

    1. With the exception of the character faces, Hulk fist, and Superman symbol, all of the cake toppers, lightning bolts, Captain American's shield, and personalized Happy Birthday cloud were designed by me using the Silhouette software and cut by the Silhouette machine.


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