Teacher Appreciation Week: Snoopy Door

Alright. I confess. I'm artsy and creative, but I'm limited in my ability to draw. Like really limited. I often joke that the only thing I can draw is Snoopy free-hand, except it's no joke. I put my minimal drawing skills to work for my son's teacher. As the Room Mom, it's kind of my job. Hooray for 2 dimensional drawing skills!


  1. Hi, Lyttle, I am in charge of decorating a teacher's door this week and was wondering how you did the door? Did you get a template, freehand it, paint it, etc...? I would so love to do it exactly how you did it. It's awesome! ; ) Thanks for any help on this! : )

    1. Hi,

      Thank you so much! Snoopy was hand drawn, as were the Woodstocks, and the giant ice cream cone (I used plain banner paper). I then went back over them with a black Sharpie marker (and colored markers for ice cream), and cut them out. The ice cream cone took forever to cut out because it was one whole piece; you might want to just cut individual scoops and stack them on the door. For the text, I used my handy Silhouette to cut out the text in the Peanuts font, but you could also just print them out directly from your home printer and hand cut.

      I hope that helps a bit. Have fun and good luck with your door! I'm sure your teacher will love it!

      ❤️ Lyttle


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