aDORYble Finding Dory Party

Choosing a theme for my daughter's 4th birthday party came quite organically. She's a huge fan of Disney Princesses--all of them, really--but she just couldn't decide which one would headline her party. Cue the most aDORYble movie of the summer, Finding Dory. She LOVED it; the whole family loved it, watching it not once, but two times in the theater. It was then that she decided she wanted a Finding Dory party. Well, Mama loves a good theme and swam with it!

The Birthday Girl

The Invite
I designed it myself, using the chosen color theme for the party. Pink got thrown in there for the birthday girl; it's her most favorite color. 

Greeting Guests
The walkway leading to the front door asked the guests to, like Dory, follow the shells home, or in this case, to the party.
Purple shells (Dory's Mom, Jenny's, favorite) lined the front walkway all the way to the backyard. Excuse the lack of green on my lawn; this Cali drought is no joke.

The Front Door
 Party sign, Party that way sign (DIY)
The Party Starts Here
"Jellyfish" white paper lanterns with hot pink streamers

The main attraction, other than the birthday girl, was this super awesome water slide we rented for the day. It was a huge hit and the kiddos couldn't get enough!!!

The Dessert Table

The Cake
   Homemade five layer cake with DIY cake toppers

Candy Buffet  
Sour Punch Twists , Red Vines, Starbursts, Finding Dory Goldfish, M&Ms, Skittles (Tropical), Finding Dory fruit snacks

Mini Cupcakes  
Mini cupcakes decorated with DIY baby Dory cupcake toppers and Hank and friends sprinkler

 Goody Bags
The blue bags were from the Dollar Store decorated with Dory and our version of Dory's orange transfer tag. They were filled with Finding Dory graham cracker snacks, Finding Dory pencil, a Finding Dory sticker book, and Finding Dory bubbles.

 The Cupcakes
 Strawberry cupcakes with DIY cupcake toppers

 Cake Pops
When the birthday girls asks for cake pops, Mama makes cake pops. They weren't the prettiest pops I've ever made, but they tasted fantastic.

More Decor

DIY Photo Props

Happy 4th birthday, Baby Girl!
She's showing off her Finding Dory temporary tattoos.

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