Teacher Appreciation Week: Sweet, Relaxing Treat

Giving gift cards or gift certificates is all fine and dandy; I do it all the time. In fact, I hear it's what Teachers prefer to receive from their classes. BUT, I personally don't like just handing someone an envelope. It feels impersonal and a bit cold, quite the opposite feelings of gift giving, so I kick it up a notch.

It's all about the presentation. It's going above and beyond the boring envelope and packaging it in a way that shows the recipient you took time to personalize it and make it pretty for them. 
The card in the middle opens up with a pocket for the gift certificate on the left and the sentiment on the right. 
Doesn't doing all this take up time?
Won't they appreciate the gift certificate regardless? 
Will they even care?
Does it matter?

Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

The answer to those questions is yes, but wouldn't you rather receive something like this than a boring white envelope? 

Heck YES!

When it doubt, always craft it out!!!
(Just a personal motto...)

Teacher Appreciation Week: Oregon Ducks Fan

My son's Kindergarten teacher is a huge Oregon Ducks Fan. When it came time to decide on how to decorate her classroom door for Teacher Appreciation Week, the Oregon Ducks theme was the clear winner. The theme was so much fun, the ideas kept getting bigger and bigger. We ended up doing not one door, but both doors and the entire wall outside her classroom. Ta-da!
 Nothing like a little play on words to get your sentiment across! 
The end zones, field lines, and "O" at the 50-yard line were painted on. The letters were cut using my Silhouette, using the NCAA Oregon Ducks font (I nearly died from excitement when I found it AND it was FREE!) primarily along with some others. The ducks were painstakingly designed with helmets and football jerseys with each student's name and number in the class, as was the cheerleader duck below.
It was a ton of prep work, but with the help of two awesome girlfriends, the display went up flawlessly and the end result was fabulous! Most importantly, Mrs. Weller loved it. The look on her face was priceless, and it nearly brought her to tears. I'd say it was a success! 😉

Dog-Gone Cute Valentine

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! I love Valentine's Day--it's not only a day to celebrate LOVE, but it gives us hopeless romantics a day to drown in the sappiness, overly cutesy, and overuse of pink and red in our crafts. Cut-out hearts everywhere! And then there's the chocolates...oh, the abundance of chocolates!

I digress.

Since my son started preschool, I've taken pride in hand-making his Valentine's for his classmates. He chooses the theme and I run with it!

For his Kindergarten year, he wanted dog-themed Valentine cards. I found the following template in the Silhouette Store and tackled the project in one afternoon. Now that he's getting a bit older, we work on them together!

The finished project:
Back view:
We filled the pillow box with a bag of Yummy Earth's Gummy Bears.
He loves them and the best part of it was the time we spent together making them!

Credit: Dog Pillow Box Valentine from Silhouette Design Store (Design ID #74580)

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