UCSB shirts

What do you do?

It's now late Wednesday afternoon and your son informs you that Friday (as in 2 days from now) is Spirit Day, and the theme is College. You can let it go, knowing full well that 1) the kids have outgrown any college gear that someone gifted them or you previously bought, if they had any at all, and 2) Amazon Prime can get something to you by Friday...but in the afternoon, as in after school. Fail.

Or...you can be like me and make your own!

I couldn't let it go. I couldn't waste an opportunity to represent, and mother's guilt certainly wasn't going to shut up, so I got to work.

Siser Easy Weed
Silhouette Gold HTV
pillowcase/teflon sheet/some kind of heat protectant

I cut out the letters on the Sihouette and positioned them where I wanted them on the shirts. Then I placed the heat protective sheet on top of the design, and ironed until the vinyl adhered to the shirts and clear sheet came off with ease.

Voilà! Everyone's happy, represented, and mother's guilt can shut it!

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