Pirates & Pixies Pool Party

My son and daughter's birthdays are a month apart. Usually I do indiviual parties for each of them, but this year, I decided to make it easier on myself (yeah, right!) and do one BIG one. The pirate and pixie theme came naturally, but my daughter changed her mind several times and fluctuated between pixies and princesses, and at one point mermaids.

 | The Dessert Table |
  • Background: hand-drawn and colored treasure map on kraft paper
  • Kids' names created and cut using Silhouette and applied to treasure map with 3D foam adhesives
  • Free standing palm trees
  • Fishing net on the pirate's side
  • Lime green organza table overlay on the pixie's side
 | DIY Invite |
 | DIY cupcake toppers |
I made 3 different kinds for pirates and another 3 for the pixies.
 | DIY Character numbers |
I took plain wooden numbers, painted them and dressed them up as Tinkerbell and a pirate. Shout out to Disney Junior's logo variations for my inspiration!
| Table decor |
 Fairy in lantern
Tissue paper flowers
| DIY painted signs |
I attached a pirate flag to the existing tree at the top of hill in our backyard and the "Pirate's Cove" right beneath it.
"Walk the Plank" was placed by the water slide
 "Drink up me Hearties" by the cooler and bar
 | DIY cake topper |
I relinquised control of the cake by not baking it myself this year, but I could not let go of how it would look. The bakery kindly did the brown scrolls all over for me, so all I had to do was design and create the cake topper. I used the same fonts from the invite and dessert table background to make it cohesive and of course, it had to have my kids' names.
 | DIY goody bags |
I knew I wanted bags to look like pirates and pixies, Tinkerbell specifically, and this is what I came up with. They were filled with treasures--pirate tattoos, pixie stix, Rolos, Tinkerbell stickers, gold coins, and Ring Pops.

The bags had a handwritten note on the back side:
Pirate version --"We arrgh so glad you came. Thanks, Matey!"
Pixie version -- "Thank you fairy much!"
 With my Pirate and Pixie (The themed swimwear was a nice bonus!)

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