Coco Valentine's Treat Cards

My kids loved Disney's Coco when we first saw it in the theaters back in November. So much so, they asked to see it again and truth be told, I loved it too, so off we went to see it a second time. With Valentine's Day looming around the corner, I asked them what kind of Valentine's they wanted to give their friends this year.  It wasn't surprising when they both chose Coco.
I started by designing the border and downloading the Coco font (yes, it exists and it's FREE!). The images are obviously borrowed from Disney.
We always like to include a sweet treat with our Valentine's. This year the kids chose one of their favorite candies, jelly beans. I purchased these mini fun-size bags.
Next, I created tri-fold treat bags with cardstock on the Silhouette and started putting them together.
It just wouldn't be complete until those flaps were sealed, so I printed and cut out the guitar stickers from sticker paper.
The kids (and I) love how they turned out and they can't wait to hand them out to their friends on Valentine's Day.

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