Galentine's Succulents

Don't forget to shower your Galentine's with love on Valentine's Day! You know, the gal pals in your life who keep you sane. The ones who don't judge you for showing up to drop-off in the same yoga pants day in and day out. The very same ones who know darn well that you're not wearing them to do actual yoga. Yes, those ones--rare commodities who tell you not to beat yourself up about drinking Coke on the daily and who, like you, can't keep up with the household laundry and makes plans with you to bring their laundry basket of unfolded clothes over to your house, so you can fold together because that makes it more fun! Those are my girls and I'm so thankful for them.
I purchased the succulents from OSH and the white pots from Amazon. The tags were created with the Silhouette using sketch pens. I added a paper succelent on the tag to add dimension. I love how they turned out and the best thing about them is that they were so easy to make!

Galentine's past:

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