DIY Dry-Erase Baseball Line-up Board

FACT: We are a baseball-loving family, so it's no surprise that my son plays and my husband coaches. This season, my husband asked me to help him create a reusable, portable line-up board to hang up in the dugout. It needed to be large enough so the boys could see their batting order, as well as the position they'll be playing out in the field for the various innings. It also had to be easily adaptable to last minute changes and be able to survive abuse from baseball dust, accidental hits with bats, balls, helmets, and the like.

I toyed around with different materials like poster board, foam board, cardboard, felt, etc. None of these options could be preserved enough from game to game to last the entire 4 month season.  Finally after hours of unsuccessful attempts, I pulled down my children's chore chart magnet board and played with it. Lightbulb moment!

I purchased grid marking tape and carefully applied it on to the magnet board, which awesomely doubles as a dry erase board! Score! The magnetic board is nice, solid, and fairly light to carry around, AND it already comes with holes in the corners, so I simply attached carabiners for hooking onto the dugout fence.

Coach was very happy with it, and it was invaluable for the players. They won 1st place in their division...I'm pretty sure the board had a lot to do with it. Haha! All joking aside, except for the one time we almost left it behind, the line-up board survived the season and is now ready for the next one!

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