Team Party: Excavators

Our family hosted my son's baseball team's end of season party at our home. We had the whole team and their families over to swim, eat, and celebrate everyone's hardwork and dedication during the 4 month season. My husband coached and my son played, so I decided to do what I do best and add a little pizzaz to a simple pool party.

The team name's got to be on full display. The party is for them afterall. 
(view from inside the house)

By full display, I mean FULL DISPLAY. I made the banner 2-sided so that their team name could be seen from either side.
(view from the pool side)
I also decorated the players table with the team name and added all of the players' names and numbers. This was my first time doing anything like this, but I like how it came together. It really made the occasion special for the boys; they loved seeing their names and numbers highlighted on something other than their jerseys.

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