End of the Year Pajama Party

Yet another school year has passed, and it's unbelievable how incredibly fast it felt. My daughter finished her first year in elementary school as a TKer, and my son finished First Grade. I volunteered as my daughter's class Room Parent this year, so party planning and showering our beloved teacher, Ms. N., fell on my very lucky shoulders.

Our family has been super blessed to have Ms. N. as both of our children's first elementary teacher. She ushered them gently into real school and helped with the many transitions that encompasses. Her calm, gentle, and positive demeanor and loving persona was exactly what they both needed to feel at ease and allow them to view their classroom as an extension of home. Having been her Room Parent for both times my children were in her class, I can truly say that working with her and seeing her influence on my children has cultivated an immeasurable amount of gratitude for her as a teacher and as a person. She is so special--one in a million.

I've digressed, but it needed to be said. Hug a Teacher and thank them endlessly for their work inside and outside of the classroom; they do so much more than we could ever thank them for!!!

Alrighty, back to the party deets! Ms. N. wanted a Pajama themed party, so I took it and ran. To celebrate the little ones' huge accomplishments in TK, I put together 4 distinct stations:

Station #1: Controlled pillow-fight -- 2 kids, 2 pillows, 10 seconds, below the neck only!
Pictured is my daughter with one of her best girlfriends. This was a HUGE hit with the kiddos! Ms. N. took control of this station; everyone, participants and spectators alike, had a blast.

Station #2: Waffles and toppings -- With the supervision of 2 parent volunteers, they made waffles and topped the finished product with marshmallows, mini chocolate chips, strawberries, blueberries, whipped cream, and maple syrup.
I wasn't able to snap a pic before she started eating, only catching her when her plate was empty. This face expresses her utter disappointment when I told her she couldn't have seconds because there wouldn't be enough for everyone to have seconds. Next time, I'll be sure to make loads of extra batter because apparently one waffle just isn't enough. My bad. 

Station #3: Pillowcase decorating -- I purchased white pillowcases for everyone, as well as a set of fabric markers and stencils. They used their imaginations and created works of art to take home.
Tip: Make sure the first thing they do is write their names on them. 

Station #4: Photo booth with prop -- Moving on up to Kindergarten is a huge step for these guys and I wanted to celebrate the monumentous occasion by capturing a photo that says it all.
This DIY photo frame is made from black foam board and cardstock for the letters. The photos were printed and sent home with each child.

The party ended with a Glow Stick Dance Party and Pajama Fashion Show.

It was beyond adorable! Some of these kiddos have some moves that I'll for sure be borrowing the next time I'm on the dance floor.

Lastly, no party is complete (in my book) without parting gifts.
I purchased these BPA free water bottles and personalized each one with the students' names. The bottles were then filled with assorted treats and handed out at the end of the day. 

I didn't forget about Ms. N. 

For her end of the year gift, I wanted to get her something useful. Who doesn't need a personalized HydroFlask water bottle in their favorite color? They're like purses and shoes; you can never have enough.
I wrapped up this beauty with cellophane and ribbon and included a Starbucks giftcard.

This party was so much fun to plan and execute. I couldn't have done it without the support of the other parent volunteers and of course, Ms. N. All the work was worth it to make the day magical, memorable, and fun for this sweet girl and her friends!

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